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Foam Predator Mask Having made the plasma caster and the Bio helmet, I next wanted a full (and realistic) Predator mask. The normal way that these are made is to sculpt in clay, take a mould of the sculpt and then cast in latex. This requires space (which I don't h...

1. You will need to be able to cut, shape and glue the foam. I recommend a pair of sharp scissors, a good set of craft knives (an x-acto or scalpel...2. This step is much easier if you have someone to assist you. The mask is made up of 5 basic elements. The cranium (top of the head), the upper fa...3. Once we have a rough basic mask we can start to add some details and get the shapes better. Using some tracing paper, draw out the shape of the...4. Next I used some cotton wool soaked in latex to smooth out the eyebrows and add small raised areas. I used the latex brush to help sculpt and bl...5. Because latex is 80% water, you can add some water based paint or ink to a little latex and paint it on. This will become an integral part of th...6. There are any number of ways that the dreadlocks can be made. You could paint layers of latex onto the end of a pool cue, let it dry, then peel...7. One problem with the backer rods is that they don't 'hang' correctly. Also their movement is not quite as flowing as in the films. When simply s...8. Here's another still from the video shoot. We blacked out around her eyes and got her to wear some theatrical contact lenses for the shoot. More...

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